Travel Life Hacks


This device tracks your luggage. Never lose luggage again.

Luggage Photo

Take a photo of your luggage before you fly. It will be of great help later on if they get lost. 

Super Cheap Flights

Airline loophole that lets you book $1000 flights for $20 or less!

Soap Bar

Throw a hotel soap bar in your laundry bag. It will stop the rest of your bag getting smelly

Stash your Cash

Hide your money in an empty chapstick container when travelling.

Tea for Two

Take your favorite teas and a thermos on your flight. You can ask the flight attendant to fill it with boiling water. I know they serve tea, but it's not great and you wait forever for a tiny little cup.

Travel Life Hacks

Shower Cap

 Pack your shoes in a shower cap to keep them from dirtying your other clothes.


Check the voltage before you plug in an appliance in a new country. I once blew up my Xbox because I didn't check!


 The left lane at customs is
usually the shortest
and move fastest 


Use a binder clip to protect your razor blades and to prevent nasty cuts to your fingers when they are in your toiletry bag. Making travel safer one hack at a time!


Travel Rent Free as a Housesitter Anywhere in the World

Along The Way

The Along the Way App tells you about all the cool things to see on your trip. Input your route and you're off!

Travel Life Hacks


WWOOF is a non profit organization where you can go work on organic farms all over the world as a volunteer. Great way to travel and see the world.


Keep a travel diary , you will be happy you did in ten years time.

Grand Canyon Railway

See the Grand Canyon in a unique way via Grand Canyon Railway for as little a $65. Trains trips are great for the whole family and you see the sites from a fresh perspective.

Toilet Rolls

Store your charger cables in an empty toilet roll and mark the roll with a sharpie so you know which cable it is.

Cheap Flights

Learn How To Get HUGE Discounts on 63 of The world's Biggest Airlines

Travel Tricksters

Always keep your rucksack in sight on trains, there are a lot of tricksters that use various distraction techniques to steal rucksacks on trains

Travel Life Hacks

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Travel Life Hacks

Use to find the perfect seat on any flight.

Use your smart phone as a baby monitor when traveling. Try the App: Cloud Baby Monitor

Collect all the change you have left on the last day of your trip and give it to the homeless. Nice way to give back for a great trip

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Please check with a doctor or professional before you try any of the hacks if you think that there might be any danger in it for you.