Photography Life Hacks

Beer Cosy

Use a beer cosy to protect your camera lens

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 Leggings over your camera lens gives a cool effect on your photos.


Hold tinted sunglasses in front of your lens when you take a pic for a cool effect.

Vaseline Lens

Smear some Vaseline on your camera lens for a cool misty effect.

Glass Ball

Use a glass ball to take awesome photos

Photography Life Hacks


Use your Ipad to create cool backgrounds for your photos. Place the object you want to photograph on a black surface in front of your Ipad with the desired background and snap away!


Remember to calibrate your lens every once in a while for better photos

Wax Paper

Stick wax paper to a brightly lit window for an instant lightbox. Place your object in front of the window and snap away.


Use tinfoil as a cool background for your photos.


Use a beanbag to stabilize your camera when shooting

Photography Life Hacks

Check out this great video!

Photography Life Hacks

Trigger Trap

You can turn your Iphone into a shutter remote with the App: Trigger Trap


You can make a temporary fish eye lens with a peephole.


Turn your photos into watercolor paintings with the Waterlogue App


Use different colour filters for cool effects

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Set shutterspeed as fast as possible , at least 1/100. Let someone else drop the object in water. Shoot continuously.


Please check with a doctor or professional before you try any of the hacks if you think that there might be any danger in it for you.