Food Life Hacks

Frozen Grapes

  Chill wine with frozen grapes instead of ice cubes, it will stop the wine from getting watered down.  

Ice Cream of the Crop

  Put your ice cream tub in a big Zip lock bag before you freeze it. The ice cream will stay soft and won’t become rock hard in the freezer.  


  When boiling eggs, add half a spoon of baking soda into the water. The shells will come off very easily once the eggs are done.  

Clear Cubes

  Boil water before you freeze it into ice cubes. Your ice cubes will be nice and clear.  

Wonderful Coconut

9 Reasons to use coconut oil daily

Ginger Tea

Drink Ginger tea for headache relieve.

Pasta Hack

Food Life Hacks


Microwaving lemons for 15 seconds can double the juice you get from them.

Honey Lasts!

Honey can last for an incredible amount of time and still be edible. Just heat it up and stir, if it crystallizes 


Brie and Chardonnay make a great combination


Use  cookie cutters to make interesting eggs and pancakes. Great for the holidays! 


Peanut Butter

Eat a spoonful of peanut butter before bed to burn more calories while you sleep.

Honey Hack

Food Life Hacks

10 Clever Kitchen Hacks

Food Life Hacks


Eat dehydrated strawberries when you crave candy.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk will give you more energy than most energy drinks out there

Paleo Reboot

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Celery Stick

Place a celery stick with your bread in a plastic bag to keep the bread fresh.


Sprinkle salt on your watermelon it will give it a burst of sweetness!


Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil to use later

Food Life Hacks

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Food Life Hacks

Use chopsticks to eat cheese curls to stop your fingers  from getting yellow!

Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables, especially carrots, can increase curiosity and creativity.

Put an Avo in a Brown bag with a Banana to make it ripen faster

Grapefruit juice can be lethal when you drink it with certain medication. Consult with your doctor.

Food Life Hacks

Love these!

Food Life Hacks

Break your eggs and pour them into a bottle when going camping. You will avoid almost certain breakage. At the camp site just pour them into the pan.

Freeze herbs in olive oil to use when you don't have fresh herbs handy.

Parsley neutralise bad breath.

Freeze coffee in an ice cube tray to make  delicious non watered down ice coffee later.

Take a Caffeine Nap. Drink coffee and then take a nap for 15 minutes. The caffeine will kick in as you wake up for a double whammy energy boost.

Use Tumeric to whiten your teeth.

Life Hacks Food

Freeze wine in an ice tray to have it handy next time you're cooking with wine. 

Spray some non stick spray onto your measuring cup or spoon when using honey for cooking or baking, the honey will just slide off without sticking to the utensil.

Put garlic in the microwave for 10-20 seconds before you peel them, the skin just slides off.

Make scrambled eggs in the microwave. 45 seconds on high, add additional 10 seconds until it's to your liking. Great for at the office.


Please check with a doctor or professional before you try any of the hacks if you think that there might be any danger in it for you.