DIY Life Hacks

Dog Bed

An old vintage suitcase makes a cool dog bed.


Use toothpaste to cover holes in your walls. Once dry just paint over it.

Washing peg

Hold the nail with a washing peg so you don't hit your finger.

Woodworking Plans

All the woodworking and DIY plans you will ever need in one place.


Put some soap on your screws to drive them easier

Old Ladder

Use an old ladder as a towel rack in the bathroom. 

DIY Life Hacks

Accent Wall

Make a cool accent wall with pieces of old wood

Woodworking Plans

 All the woodworking and DIY plans you will ever need in one place. 

Lamp Trick

Place a lamp in front of a mirror. It makes the room look bigger and brighter

Pallet Furniture

Make awesome furniture with old pallets

Old Tires

Old painted tires make great planters

Vintage Suitcases

Put wooden legs on vintage suitcases to make awesome bedside and coffee tables

DIY Life Hacks

22 Useful DIY Tips if you Suck at DIY

DIY Life Hacks


Put some old crates together to form a shelving unit

Log Bench

Turn a fallen tree into a bench for all to enjoy.

Woodworking Plans

All the woodworking and DIY plans you will ever need in one place

Oil Drums

Make amazing furniture out of  old drums

Barrel Table

Use an old barrel to make an awesome coffee table

Broken Table

Turn a broken table into something special

DIY Life Hacks

Awesome video on how to re-use plastic bottles

DIY Life Hacks

Water Marks

Use toothpaste to remove water marks from wood.

Coconut Oil

You can refinish wood with coconut oil.

Oil Drums

Turn an old oil drum into a piece of art. Cut it in half, paint, place lamps on the inside and place glass on top and attach to the wall.


Use old doorknobs to hang your towels in the bathroom for a cool vintage look.

Shed Plans

All The Shed Plans You Will Ever Need and then Some!


Use a comb to hold the nail when you use a hammer.

DIY Life Hacks


Old crates make great shelves. Screw them to the wall for an awesome practical focal point


Put gloves over the ends of your ladder to prevent marks or damage to your walls

Container Home

Build Your Own Container Home!


Large screw holes in wood can be easily repaired.Fill the hole with a wooden golf peg, saw off the top and sand until flush and smooth.

Old Tires

Old tires are great to re-purpose.

Let your imagination run wild.


Use earbuds for touch up paint jobs.

DIY Life Hacks

Use a stapler to strip electrical wires. Place the wire in the stapler, push down and  pull the wire , the plastic will stay behind and you will have a stripped wire.

Temporarily stop a leaky noisy faucet.

Paint your garden path with glow in the dark paint so you can see where you are going at night.

Old doorknobs make great towel hangers for the bathroom.

WD-40 oil removes marker marks from leather. This will make sense if you have kids.

After painting a room , put a little bit of paint in a jar if you need to do touch ups later.


Please check with a doctor or professional before you try any of the hacks if you think 

that there might be any danger in it for you.